1) To seek greater involvement of the vulnerable groups of people in emergency, rehabilitation, recovery and development through involvement of communities in decision-making

2) To promote and strengthen sustainability or standard of living conditions especially among women and youths. This is through supporting Food Security and livelihoods, environmental conservation, health, and other innovative self-improvement initiatives as defined by the targeted communities.

3) To promote peaceful co-existence amongst communities. By holding seminars, workshops and conferences on methods of reducing the negative social behavior or GBV amongst the youth, Women, young adults and disaster affected communities.

4) To spearhead the development of Education, Public Health, access to Safe Water and Sanitation amongst communities in South Sudan. To liaise and establish means of supporting girls, orphans, poor children especially in education advancements offer relief services whenever there is need or emergency

5) To improve the quality of life through socio-economic support of the less privileged in the society especially the vulnerable and marginalized groups, with special emphasis on women and youth empowerment, people with special needs and minority groups’ protection.

6) To apply to any government or authority, public bodies, corporations or persons for and to accept grants of money and of any moveable or immovable property, donations, gifts, subscriptions and other assistance with a view to promoting the objects of the organizations and, in taking of any gifts or property take the same subject to any special trust which may be prescribed by the donor thereof.

7) To organize training and vocational centers to enhance the acquisition of life skills to Women, youth and the community.