How CHARD is Governed.


The highest governing body of CHARD is the Board of Directors (BOD) composed of five (5) members and includes: Chairperson, D/Chairperson, Secretary General and two members. It is to ensure the implementation of the objectives and functions of the organization by Executive committee. It’s also responsible for policy formulation as well as strategic fundraising for the organization.

The Executive Director is the head of the Executive committee of this organization that is responsible for the implementation of the programs and the daily management of the activities.

Management Team/ Administration

CHARD has competent staff from various backgrounds ranging from Social work and Social Administration, Finance, Education, Agriculture and Public Health. They are also assisted by external consultants from various consulting partners. With this team, therefore, CHARD is capable of implementing programmes geared towards meeting its mission, vision and objectives.

Supporting Communities in Fighting Against Hunger, Poverty and Illiteracy